Thursday, 18 October 2018

First Czech G280 delivered

G280 OK-RLV (2151) arrived at Prague yesterday on delivery from Dallas via Bangor and Stansted. Many thanks to David Kucera for allowing me to use some of his pictures.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Round-up 16/10

G550 N584GA (5584) looks to have done a first flight from Savannah on the 9th as GLF27. Slowly heading to the 600 built which would be quite an achievement. Another weather related evacuation as Hurricane Michael approached. Aircraft started moving to Huntsville AL on the 9th with the bulk positioning on the 10th. This latter group included G500 N509GD which is pictured below. They all returned to Savannah on the 12th. A picture has appeared of the new G650 N305CC confirming that Carnival Cruises are getting a new one. G280 (2151) cancelled to the Czech Republic as OK-RLV on the 11th.
Slightly off topic but bear with me. MGM, who are expecting to take delivery of their new G650 soon have just disposed of one of their Embraer Lineages. N730MM has become the first aircraft on the Irish corporate jet register as EJ-IOBN with Gainjet Ireland who also have a pair of Gulfstreams which may also move over to this new register in due course.
In a pre NBAA press conference at Orlando yesterday, Gulfstream announced that the range of the G600 has been increased again. Full details at
N509GD at Huntsville by Darren Metherell

Friday, 12 October 2018

Random Gulfstream photo #29

Shots of G500s flying in the UK in sunshine are a bit rare so thought I'd show this one of N505GD (72005) departing Farnborough after this year's Air Show. It was taken by my good friend Westleigh Bushell. Some of you may have followed him on Flickr in the past but like me, he's had to start a new account and his terrific pics can be seen here (link). Well worth a look!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Round-up 9/10

3 G650s were delivered on the 2nd. N700MK (6319) flew from Appleton to Anchorage and should have continued on to Tokyo. T7-IIA (6322) flew from Savannah to Aarhus, Denmark continuing on to Moscow (VKO) the following day. VP-CML (6330) flew from Savannah to Aarhus and continued on to Hong Kong on the 4th. G650 N654GA (6354) flew from Savannah to Long Beach on the 4th as GLF64. G650 A6-HHH was delivered on the 5th. See my earlier post. G280 N258GA (2158) flew from Tel Aviv to Belfast on the 8th. The first to not go via Stansted for a while now. G500 N509GD (72009) did another test flight from Savannah on the 7th and now has N1RF reserved. Looking good for the 2nd G500 delivery?
The Luton magnet continues to attract G650s with the total of different frames to visit now up to 228. The latest was caught on Sunday sitting next to the car park.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Round-up 2/10

As expected, a busy week to finish the quarter. G650 N622GA (6322) flew from Long Beach to Savannah on the 25th. It cancelled to San Marino on the 26th and will be taking up T7-IIA. This is a replacement for OE-IIH (6134) which has recently taken up N634GD. IIA did a test flight from and to Savannah on the 1st. G650 N330GA (6330) flew Long Beach to Savannah on the 26th and cancelled to the Caymans on the 27th as VP-CML. Did a test flight on the 1st (as CML) from and to Savannah so not delivered yet. G650 N626GA (6326) cancelled to Brazil on the 26th as PP-IZB. It delivered from Savannah to Goiania (near Brasilia) via Manaus on the 27th. G650 N650NY (6079) cancelled to the UAE on the 1st. New ERs this period were 6331, 6333, 6335, 6340 and 6342.
Newly delivered G500 N510GD operated a flight to Palm Beach on the 28th as GLF93, returning home an hour later as GLF14 suggesting this may be being operated by Gulfstream crews. May eventually take up N5PF.
As if this wasn't enough, today is the 52nd anniversary of the first G2 flight.
G2TT N311BD (236) at PBI in 2015. The last civilian G2 I saw fly without hush-kits

Dubai Air Wing receives G650

G650 N650NY (6079) has just been cancelled to the UAE to join the Dubai Air Wing. Flew from Savannah to Charleston on the 1st so may deliver shortly. It will be interesting to see if it retains part of the original colours like G4 A6-HHH. Only the 2nd G650 on the UAE register after A6-MAF (6203).

Update: G4 A6-HHH (1531) seen above has now taken up N516MC allowing the G650 to take up this cherished UAE registration along with the fixed callsign "Dubai 9".This flew from Savannah to Dubai on the 5th. A 13 and a half hour flight which is why you have a G650.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Random Gulfstream video #3

It's about time we showcased another video and what better than G3 N540EA (338) arriving at Bern in Switzerland recently. Make sure you turn the volume up. I first saw this one in 1983, just 35 years ago. That was in Switzerland too.
... and the departure

Thursday, 27 September 2018

1st G500 delivery to customer

4 years after the first G500 was revealed at Savannah (October 2014), the first one has finally been handed over to a customer. N510GD (72010) left Savannah today heading for El Paso (KDNA) where the new owner resides. Using the callsign GLF14 for this delivery flight. Would be nice if a new registration is allocated in due course. It is hoped that more deliveries aren't too far away. Will post a proper pic if one comes to hand.
via GAC
Update: Gulfstream have announced it! See

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Round-up 25/9

On the 21st, G650 N651GA (6351) flew from Savannah to Appleton as GLF47 while G550 N583GA (5583) looks to have made a first flight from Savannah that day. On the 22nd, G650 N652GD (6352) flew from Savannah to Long Beach as GLF92. Upgrades to G650ER were 6321 and 6324. As this is the last week of the quarter, hopefully a few deliveries will take place shortly. Gulfstream also hinted that the first G500 may be delivered at the end of Q3 but that may be wishful thinking. Can't be long though as the NBAA is only 3 weeks away and I'm sure they'll want to be able to have it done by then. They may also have another announcement then but I'll keep quiet for now.
Am still receiving regular photos for the Gulfstream photo site (link) with contributors from Long Beach, Van Nuys and Geneva as well as my local London airports. This one by Paul Suter certainly caught my eye.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

G650 arrives at London City

The first large cabin Gulfstream arrived at London City this afternoon. Aircraft have to be certified to land here due to the steep 5.5 degrees glideslope. The G150 and G280 are already certified here but this is the first time a larger member of the Gulfstream family has applied for this. The aircraft in question was G650 N650GX (6001) which positioned over from Farnborough having arrived there from Savannah the evening before. Having completed the required number of approaches and landings, it departed LCY for a direct flight back to Teterboro. Your blogger was there to record this little bit of Gulfstream history.

Round-up 18/9

A busier week for movements. The 11th saw G650 VP-CHK continuing on to Al Bateen in Abu Dhabi. G650 N350GD (6350) flew Savannah to Long Beach as GLF44. It was closely followed by G650 2-EPIC on the same route. On the 12th, G280 N257GA (2157) ferried from Tel Aviv to Stansted. G650 N885KT (6323) was delivered from Savannah to Melbourne FL. Departed there for Lexington on the 14th and then on to it's new home at Dallas Love Field. Still on the 12th, G650 N645GA (6345) flew from Savannah to Appleton as GLF94 and G650 N622GA (6322) flew from Long Beach to Las Vegas. It returned on the 14th. 6326 has been upgraded to G650ER.
It's hurricane season again so with Hurricane Florence arriving in the Carolinas to the north, Gulfstream sensibly moved some of their aircraft south to Lakeland in Florida. More than a dozen flew here on the 13th. They returned on the 16th.
Have finally learned the ID of the G2 cabin trainer at Long Beach. Check out the earlier post on this.
Through the heat haze at LGB recently. Con not known yet. By Michael Carter