Tuesday, 18 September 2018

G650 arrives at London City

The first large cabin Gulfstream arrived at London City this afternoon. Aircraft have to be certified to land here due to the steep 5.5 degrees glideslope. The G150 and G280 are already certified here but this is the first time a larger member of the Gulfstream family has applied for this. The aircraft in question was G650 N650GX (6001) which positioned over from Farnborough having arrived there from Savannah the evening before. Having completed the required number of approaches and landings, it departed LCY for a direct flight back to Teterboro. Your blogger was there to record this little bit of Gulfstream history.

Round-up 18/9

A busier week for movements. The 11th saw G650 VP-CHK continuing on to Al Bateen in Abu Dhabi. G650 N350GD (6350) flew Savannah to Long Beach as GLF44. It was closely followed by G650 2-EPIC on the same route. On the 12th, G280 N257GA (2157) ferried from Tel Aviv to Stansted. G650 N885KT (6323) was delivered from Savannah to Melbourne FL. Departed there for Lexington on the 14th and then on to it's new home at Dallas Love Field. Still on the 12th, G650 N645GA (6345) flew from Savannah to Appleton as GLF94 and G650 N622GA (6322) flew from Long Beach to Las Vegas. It returned on the 14th. 6326 has been upgraded to G650ER.
It's hurricane season again so with Hurricane Florence arriving in the Carolinas to the north, Gulfstream sensibly moved some of their aircraft south to Lakeland in Florida. More than a dozen flew here on the 13th. They returned on the 16th.
Have finally learned the ID of the G2 cabin trainer at Long Beach. Check out the earlier post on this.
Through the heat haze at LGB recently. Con not known yet. By Michael Carter

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

MGM to receive a G650

Thanks yet again to Michael Carter for sending me this shot of G650ER N632GA (6332) in the colours of MGM Resorts International. They have operated a fleet of aircraft for many years now bringing in high rollers to the hotel/casino at Las Vegas that was originally opened in 1993 at which time it was the largest hotel complex in the world. They have operated G3, G4, G450, G5 and G550 until recent times when they switched allegiance to Embraer. They now have a fleet of Legacy 500 and Lineage aircraft. They obviously just had to have a G650.
N722MM (4086) at Las Vegas in 2008
Update: N721MM now reserved against 6332

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Round-up 11/9

A fairly quiet week movement-wise. G650 VP-CHK (6328) started it's delivery flight on the 6th routing Savannah-Toronto-Teterboro. On the 10th it flew from Le Bourget to Amman in Jordan. Believe it will be based at Abu Dhabi. G650 N305CC (6021) now has N300CC reserved suggesting there is a replacement on the way. Hard to believe this is well over 5 years old now. G650 6150 now shows as an ER but believe this is a register catch-up. Good news is that the G500/600 engine nacelle dispute has been resolved. See corporatejetinvestor.com.
N305CC returning to base at FLL

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Random Gulfstream photo #28

G4 N49RF (1246) has recently been chasing hurricanes in the Hawaiian islands and was caught by Michael Carter at Long Beach recently on the way home. Named "Gonzo" after the Muppets character due to the modified nose. A non standard rear fuselage too. A fairly elusive machine for many.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Further to my earlier

A couple of updates to earlier posts worth highlighting here.
Further to my post of 27th June 2018 (link) a blog reader has kindly referred me to an item on the US Navy NC-37B (G550) at www.navair.navy.mil which includes a picture showing it carrying N544GD so is confirmed as 5544.
Further to my post of 20th August 2018 (link) trying to identify the cabin trainers at Long Beach, Eric the Pilot has sent me an earlier shot of the outside one showing a crest by the door. This suggests this may be the old Panamanian machine but any crest had certainly been painted out when it was seen in storage at St. Lucie. A pic of HP-1691 (link) active in 2011 shows no crest here. Could it possibly be an ex Mexican machine? Any help most welcome.
A very low definition pic but you get the idea
Update: Tony Dann has identified the crest as being on the Venezuelan G2 0004 (con 124). The fuselage was actually seen at Long Beach in 2007. See link to original picture It was rescued from the scrap man at Mojave and last carried N124TV.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Round-up 4/9

G650 N628GA (6328) ferried from Long Beach to Savannah on the 29th as GLF33. Cancelled to the Caymans on the 31st and is believed to be taking up VP-CHK. Looks like a first flight for G550 N582GA (5582) on the 31st as GLF88. Don't normally report G650 first flights but a notable one was N350GD on the 2nd as GLF46 which is the 350th G650. New ER this period was 6330. Nice to see a couple of new G500 reservations appear. See my list to the right.
N628GA was caught by Michael Carter at LGB last month

Friday, 31 August 2018

Bill Gates orders a Gulfstream

Long time Bombardier customer Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has for many years flown around in Globals. With N194WM being reserved against G650 6321, it seems he's now moved over to Gulfstream. The register shows the old N194WM (now N194WF) was built in 2008 which for your average billionaire is well over-due for replacing. His other Global N887WM is of the same vintage so there may be a 2nd one coming at some point.
As with most cherished registrations, they have meaning. WM will probably be for William and Melinda (his wife). They met in 1987 (887) and were married in January 1994 (194). The G650 is currently being fitted out at Appleton WI.
N194WM arriving at Lisbon in 2009 having just replaced a CL604

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Round-up 28/8

G650 2-KYCM (6290) delivered from Savannah to Anchorage and Beijing on the 23rd. G650 6325 cancelled to China on the 23rd. B-602N flew from Savannah to Anchorage on the 24th and on to Tianjin the following day. G280 N155GA (2155) ferried from Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 23rd. G280 N256GA (2156) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 27th. G650 N648GA (6348) ferried from Savannah to Long Beach as GLF68 on the 27th. Upgrade to G650ER this period was 6319. G2 XA-AHC (161) has just been registered N735TG so hopefully this will continue to fly. You may recall an April post here which showed B-3350 at Long Beach. It's still here (on the 23rd) and now carries N650TY which explains why this hasn't cancelled to China (yet).
N650TY by Michael Carter

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Another G450 for Flexjet

G450 N457FX (4154) arrived at Long Beach yesterday from Portland. This will be Flexjet's 8th G450 but I'm sure it will receive a new coat of paint before entering service with them as it still retains the colours of the previous Chinese operator. Whether this is part of the long term plan or a reaction to the late deliveries of G500s will probably never be admitted. Hopefully these new models will appear by the end of the year. The latest member of the fleet was caught on short finals to Long Beach by Michael Carter.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Round-up 21/8

G550 N581GA (5581) appears to have made a first flight from Savannah on the 10th. G650 N646GA flew from Savannah to Long Beach on the 14th as GLF64. G650 N999HX (6253) cancelled to China on the 15th with B-602M departing to Anchorage on the 17th. G650 N325GA (6325) flew from Long Beach to Savannah on the 16th as GLF74 suggesting delivery soon. New upgrades to G650ER this period were 6124, 6325 and 6328. Farnborough regular G650 N500SA (6226) is now flying as N892SS (18th) although the register is yet to reflect this. 3 new G600s have been added to the register bringing the total to 9. One of the many G650s being completed at Long Beach was caught on the move at Long Beach by Michael Carter recently. It is believed to be taking up VP-CML upon delivery. Seen later as N330GA so is c/n 6330.