Friday, 9 August 2019

Blog future and G600 News

Bob's Blog Going Forward
We (Westleigh Bushell and Ted Larkin) wish to honour Bob Holland's memory by posting infrequent comments. We intend to comment on subjects/developments that Bob would have mentioned on his beloved blog.

One such development happened yesterday. The first Gulfstream G600 was delivered. N76PW (73007) flew Savannah - Denver Centennial. With the GVII family (G500/G600) now in service, is it time for Gulfstream to announce a new clean-sheet design at the NBAA in October? Your comments are welcomed.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Robert Holland lost his battle to cancer on Sunday 14th July 2019.

Bob was undoubtably one of the most knowledgeable guys around when it came to Gulfstreams. Even in his hospital bed on his last day we chatted about new Gulfstream G500s and the recent Qatar order. He will be sorely missed by many other Gulfstream fans from around the world.

So from myself and Ted, 

Blue skies Bob, it was a pleasure to call you a true friend.                                                                       

Bob (right) at Teterboro 1977
Bob sat in the left seat of a G600

Friday, 12 July 2019

Qatar News

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, a world record attempt to beat a previous circumnavigation speed record over both poles has just been completed by Qatar Executive G650ER A7-CGD.  The 22,422nm flight from NASA Kennedy Space Centre (USA) - Nursultan Nazarbayev (Kazakhstan) - Port Louis (Mauritius) - Punta Arenas (Chile) - NASA Kennedy Space Centre (USA) was concluded in 46 hrs 39 mins. With only 45 minutes at each stop, the eight crew beat the previous record by 6 hours.

Other Qatar Executive news.
Gulfstream announced this week that Qatar Executive are behind the $1 Billion order from January 2019. the previously undisclosed order for large cabin jets is in addition to the 2014 order for 20 G500, G600 & G650ER.
Photo by Trevor Warne

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Round-up 9/7

With normal service imminently due back to the blog, a small round up this week.
G650 HB-JKP (6370) delivered on the 3/7 while (6399) has N750HF reserved and (6374) has taken up N652GB. following on from last weeks registration on N132BL (72032) this delivered on the 29/6. N710FT has been reserved on G500 (72033) while G280 (2171) is now CC-AYY.
N137GJ parked up at KFLL

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Round-up 2/7

A handful of G650s taking up reservations at the end of quarter, N1DS (6369) and N451CS (6372), with M-HSCZ (6373) heading to China via AnchorageOnly one G500 snippet sees (72032) taking up N132BL.
A few reservations to note, N67WB reserved (6386) to replace the original which is now wearing N67WV. N7GF (6376) N111UB (6393) and another possible frame for Disney in the shape of  N500ES (6397). Two more G280s since the last roundup with N482GA (2182) and N15N (2183) having both transited through Stansted this week heading to Dallas for completion.
N8833 at Farnborough

Monday, 1 July 2019

FAA Certificates G600

Gulfstream ended the second quarter with the news that they received both type and production certification for the G600. The approval from the Federal Aviation Administration allows Gulfstream to start deliveries this year of the Pratt & Whitney Canada powered G600.
Image from

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Round-up 25/6

A smaller than normal Round-up, Bob is currently having an extended stay in hospital but will be back to keeping the blog up to its normal standard very soon.

Another G280 delivery through Stansted, N281GA (2181) arrived on the 16/6 and departed the following day to Halifax. A few deliveries of note, G650 N4050 (6368) has been delivered to San Jose on the 13/6. While G650 N661GT (6364) flew Savannah - Reno on the 20/6 and then onto Portland on 21/6.
N606SA arriving at KFLL by Westleigh

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Round-up 11/6

Too late in the day to include in last week's post was the delivery of G500 N499JB (72031) from Savannah to Scottsdale. G650 A7-CGF (6366) delivered from Savannah to Farnborough on the 5th as QQE465. Trackers show this was only on the ground for 34 minutes before continuing on to Toulouse. It arrived at Doha the following day. G500 A7-CGS (72029) delivered from Savannah to Farnborough on the 7th as QQE460. This one night-stopped and continued on to Doha the following day. Qatar Executive now have 6 G650s and 4 G500s.
Further to my post on Saudi G4s, have received a note that HZ-AFW is being dismantled at Jeddah.
Am unable to check for any changes this morning but hopefully if there are any, I'll pick them up the next time.
Photo by Westleigh Bushell

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Round-up 4/6

G280 N980GA (2180) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 30th. Believe this is the 1000th biz-jet built by IAI. G650 N232G (6365) delivered from Long Beach to Yellowstone the same day. New ERs this period were 6368 and 6373. Been ages since we had a G500 delivery so good to see that N499JB (72031) delivered Savannah to Scottsdale today (4th).
Gulfstream have commenced building their new maintenance hangar at Farnborough and when completed will be the biggest facilty after Savannah. See
An unusual visitor (?) to Biggin recently was G280 PR-CRC (2066) which was caught by Westleigh Bushell.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Round-up 28/5

G280 N279GA (2179) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 22nd. Also this day, G650 N691GA (6391) looks to have made a first flight and N690GA (6390) ferried Savannah to Long Beach for completion. New ER this period was 6371.
Interesting to see that G500 N507GD (72007) arrived at EBACE in Geneva last week as a fully fitted demonstrator. It arrived direct from Las Vegas. No other news of note came out of the event.
Fairly rare G4 at Stansted recently. Pic by Marcus Jellyman

Thursday, 23 May 2019

A Gulfstream IV Milestone

The corporate-owned Gulfstream IV that has served its original operator for the longest period of time is celebrating its 30th anniversary today. Serial number 1095 was registered to Eli Lilly and Company of Indianapolis, Indiana as N311EL on May 23, 1989. Although it is now wearing its third paint scheme, it has been based at KIND throughout the past three decades.

The company's flight department began over 53 years ago, with the delivery of a Grumman G-159 Gulfstream (serial number 161, N307EL) in January 1966. Today, Eli Lilly's fleet consists of a pair of stunning looking Gulfstream IVs: N311EL (s/n 1095) and N312EL (s/n 1105). The impressive length of service by these two G-IVs is a testament to both the model's robust design and its ability to successfully satisfy the company's logistical requirements.
N311EL at Heathrow in 1994 by Paul Seymour
N311EL at Luton in 2007 by Bob Holland
N311EL at Toronto in 2015 by Reinhard Zinabold

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Mexico Gulfstream sales

Mexico's new President announced at the beginning of the year that many government assets would be sold. Within days of the recent biennial FAMEX show, which is held at Santa Lucía air base on the outskirts of Mexico City, the government held an auction, selling 76 aviation assets.
A large portion of this years FAMEX static consisted of many of these aircraft, including six Gulfstreams.

XC-PFT Gulfstream IISP (175)
XC-PFM Gulfstream G350 (4016)
3913 Gulfstream G150 (313)
3914 Gulfstream G150 (314)
3915 Gulfstream G450 (4333)
3916 Gulfstream G550 (5508)

The current status of these jets stored at Santa Lucía after the auction is unknown. However three Gulfstreams have seemingly dodged the auctioneers gavel. The Navy's two Gulfstreams, a G450 ANX-1202 and a G550 ANX-1201, while the Air Force still has a single Gulfstream G550 (3910).
Photos kindly provided by Paul Filmer