Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Random Gulfstream photo #21

Have been sent a picture of G3 K2960 (420) taken by Neil Harris as he left Delhi last February on his way home. This has been reported as VT-ENR but doesn't appear to carry this registration now. This was built as an SRA-1 demonstrator (N47449) and first flew in August 1984. It appeared at the Farnborough show a month later. It was delivered to the Indian Air Force via Luton in May 1987 where it was caught by my good friend John Lythgoe. It seems to have used VT-ENR for ferry flights to the States for maintenance. Used primarily for monitoring the border between India and Pakistan and presumably will be replaced by Globals. K2961 was also present during Neil's visit.

Round-up 16/1

G550 N571GA (5571) may have made it's first flight on the 8th. Did a 3 hour flight from Savannah as GLF90. Another IAI incident with G200 RP-C280 coming a cropper by overshooting the runway. No fatalities. See ASN Another ER upgrade has appeared on the register for N999HX (6253). First G650 delivery of the year. N651BA (6287) departed Savannah on the 12th for Charlotte to join sister ship N652BA (6130) with Bank of America.
N652BA at Luton in 2015

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Round-up 9/1

As expected, very quiet over the holidays so 2 weeks between my reports. G280 N137GA (2137) was ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 1st. Gulfstream Savannah had to close for a couple of days as heavy snow hit the area. See AIN report Changes to the G1 fleet are few and far between as it's believed there are no more than 10 still in service. N164PA (054) has N170PA reserved on the US register suggesting there may still be some life in this one. Very sad to see reports of a G150 (OE-GKA 300) captain being killed when he went to open the door of his aircraft in Kittilä, Finland.
See ASN.  Reports are suggesting aircraft was pressurised but am sure the full details will be revealed eventually. The current G650 demonstrator (N650GA 6275) has N675GS reserved which was it's original test reg. As it's their only demo machine, it's understood that it will be leased back to Gulfstream for about 2 months pending the arrival of N650ER (6306). The last N650GD (6252) went to Canada in November but was seen just prior to that at Farnborough by Westleigh Bushell.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Review of the year 2017

It's that time of year when we look back over the last 12 months. Another good year for Gulfstream. The 1st G650 delivery of the year was 6224 and the last was 6285 suggesting that about 60 were delivered. G550 deliveries have slowed but a little under 20 have been delivered. GAC announced the end of G450 production this year with 9 delivered and possibly only 2 more to finish. 25 G280s were ferried to Dallas from Tel Aviv. The latest, N336GA (2136), went via Belfast on the 18th December and was missed on my round up. The new G500 and G600 test aircraft continue to fly regularly and it is hoped the first G500 delivery is not far off.
Figures quoted are just estimates but 80 large cabin deliveries is a fair guess.
via GAC

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Round-up 26/12

As well as the delivery of G650 A7-CGD on the 21st, there were also 2 more deliveries that day. N709DS (6285) delivered Long Beach-Boise-Boeing Field and B-3271 (6280) delivered Savannah to Teterboro. Another G650ER upgrade was 6285. To finish off, am trying to identify the G2 forward fuselage located at Savannah carrying Flight Safety titles. Does anyone know which one it is?

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Random Gulfstream photo #20

Some old shots from the late 60s have recently been scanned by Robert Robinson who has kindly allowed me to show them here. Both were taken at Heathrow (south side). N214GP (003) was operated by the Gillette Co. and was actually the first Gulfstream I ever saw (in 1970). N375PK (015) was operated by Seagram's Whiskey, one of the world's largest distillers (at the time). It's head office was 375 Park Avenue, Manhattan hence the registration. It was re-registered as N77SW in March 75 (amended). It also became the first G2 to go behind the Iron Curtain (August 68). Thanks again to FK Larkin for his snippets.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Another G4 to be parted out

Norm Hill Aviation have just reported that they are expecting G4 1099 to arrive for parting out starting 4th January. This is N36RR which passed through Luton this week. It would appear to be following their earlier G2 which finally ended up at California City.
 G4 N36RR(1099) departing Luton 18th December and G2 N36RR (004) departing Luton in August 2009

4th G650 delivered to Qatar

G650 A7-CGD (6271) arrived at Farnborough this morning on delivery from Savannah. A little over an hour later, it continued on to Doha using the callsign QQE20. It is the 1st of 4 to not carry the Qatar Airways logo as Qatar Executive are understood to be trying to be independent from the airline. It was caught departing Farnborough by Eric Denison.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

5 years of G650 service

5 years ago today, the first 2 G650s were delivered to customers. N711SW (6007) to Steve Wynn and N100A (6010) to Exxon Mobil. Both are cherished registrations and have been carried by G2s about 40 years ago. The 280th G650 should deliver imminently which means that deliveries are averaging out at about 1 a week! Long may this continue.

N711SW was the first G650 to visit Luton back in February 2013. Believe 192 different frames have visited now. N100A was seen at Zurich in January 2014 but was first seen here the year before. Thanks, as always, to FK Larkin for his input with this post.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Round-up 19/12

G650 N279GA (6279) delivered Savannah to Ronaldsway IoM on the 12th and took up M-AAAL on the 14th. G650 OE-LEO (6278) delivered Savannah to Linz on the 13th. N811TM (6281) delivered to Boise on the 17th. New ERs on the US register are 6284 and 6287. G650 N2N is now being upgraded to con 6298 with the old one (6053) being registered N650MS. Have been quoted T7-ARC for 6054 cancelled last week. On the 16th, Deer Jet flew a G650 (N988DJ) to Antarctica for the first time. See ainonline.com
Seasons Greetings to all my readers.
pic via AIN

Monday, 18 December 2017

New home for G650

G650 M-GULF (6207) was delivered to Ronaldsway, Isle of Man over a year ago and was put in to storage pending sale. It's now been registered LX-MOW and was seen by Keith Parkinson on the 16th at Salzburg, Austria. If the scheme looks familiar, It was previously seen on Global M-VQBI.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Round-up 12/12

A little late in posting this today but chasing a Gulfstream this morning. G280 N359GS (2135) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 7th. G550 N226ZH (5478) was cancelled back to China. Possibly reverting to B-3003? G550 N307GA (6307) ferried to Long Beach on the 11th as GLF64. G650 6278 has just cancelled to Austria and G650 N650GL (6054) has gone to the San Marino register. 6282 now an ER. Another of those "had to be there" moments as G650 9M-ZZZ arrived at Stansted this morning. More pics on Flickr.