Monday, 20 March 2017

New US Coast Guard G5?

Have received a report that there may be a new United States Coast Guard Gulfstream in service. Have seen nothing visual but flight trackers show that a GLF5 with a callsign of C202 and a hex code of AE5F07 has been visiting Washington (DCA) recently. I am aware of 2 in service. These are 01 (con 653) which has a hex code of AE10C1 and uses the callsign C101 and 02 (con 638) which has a hex code of AE4E05 and uses the callsign C102. It's possible that the codes have been changed so any visual confirmation of a new one would be appreciated.
01 visiting Zurich in 2007
Update: I have now seen a picture on Facebook of G550 N640W (5416) in full Coast Guard scheme and another of it carrying 02 on the tail. I am advised that G5 02 was leased so presumably will be returned upon the delivery of the new 02.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Disney Gulfstreams

With the recent delivery of a 2nd G650 to Earth Star, the flight department of the Walt Disney Company, thought it was time for a run down of their fleet.  It began when G-159 (121) was delivered in early 1964. It flew as N234MM and used the radio call sign "234 Mickey Mouse". Disney has also operated two G-1159s: N283MM (81) and N900ES (174); a pair of G-1159As: N600ES (322) and N500MM (460); as well as G-IV/GIV-Xs: N500MM (1135) and N300ES (4209). 53 years later, the Disney fleet includes GV-SP N900ES (5322) and a pair of GVIs. The two G650ERs are N100ES (6014) and the recently delivered N200ES (6228).
N234MM was caught by Caz Caswell at Toronto in 1991. This is currently preserved at Disney World in Orlando. N200ES was caught by Michael Carter at Long Beach arriving from it's base of Burbank. The above fleet details via FK Larkin.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

New engines certified

Pratt and Whitney Canada have received US certification of the PW814GA and PW815GA engines that will power the new G500 and G600 respectively. This is the next step towards deliveries of the G500 some time this year. See
via Gulfstream

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Random Gulfstream photo #11

G3 N270MC (374) returned to Luton today from Amsterdam and was caught by John Lythgoe. It has also visited Birmingham and Liverpool lately as well as Luton last week. Con 374 was originally delivered to Dow Jones & Co. as N122DJ in 1983, replacing a G2 with the same registration.

N30LX gains some new bumps

G3 N30LX (438) belonging to Lockheed Martin has found itself a new role and some new bumps. Serial number 438 was originally delivered to Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. (founded in 1841) as N1841D. D&B provides analytics that assist corporate managers with their strategic decision making. 33 years on, this airframe has been modified by its current owner to collect data that can be used by military leaders to make their strategic decisions. (Thanks to FK Larkin for the history) More details can be found at
via Lockheed Martin

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Polish G550 in full colours

Some sneaky pics from Savannah have appeared on social media of 1 of the 2 Polish Government G550s on order. This one carries the serial 0002 on the engine.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Moroccan G3 still active!

Veteran G3 CN-ANU (365) arrived this morning at Farnborough on a brief visit and was caught by Eric Denison. Originally delivered to Saudia as HZ-AFO in 1983 and transferred to Morocco in 1989. Good to see this still in service and has had a repaint recently.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

2nd G600 flies

The 2nd G600 N720GD (73002) made it's first flight yesterday from Savannah just 10 weeks after the prototype first flew. Used the callsign "Gulf Test 67". Full details at
picture via GAC

Friday, 24 February 2017

Another Chinese G650 spotted

Thanks again to Michael Carter for this shot of an unidentified G650 at Long Beach. It carries Wanda Group titles and is likely to take up a Chinese registration upon delivery. This company also operates G550 B-8122 (5269).

Thursday, 23 February 2017

2nd Johor G650 identified

At the end of last year, a black G650 was seen at Long Beach carrying 9M-TMJ. At the same time, 9M-ZZZ was seen here so there was a lot of rubbing of eyes. It has now been identified by Michael Carter as N639GA (6239) as it was towed across the field yesterday.

Monday, 20 February 2017

New Czech G550 delivered

G550 OK-JMD (5541) was delivered from Savannah to Prague last Saturday (18th) on delivery to ABS Jets. Picture via the Facebook Page of Private Jets Czech Republic who retain the copyright. Also from the same source is P4-GVI (6221) which was also delivered here last December.


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Last G150 ferried to the States

IAI Gulfstream G150 N126GA (326) arrived at Luton last Wednesday (15th) from Belfast. It departed today to Shannon and Halifax en route to Dallas for completion. It was caught overnight by Westleigh Bushell sitting on stand 54. This is the 126th G150 and is believed to be the last one as no higher G150s appear on the US register.