Wednesday, 16 August 2017

This week's G650 delivery

G650 N500SA (6226) arrived at Farnborough this afternoon from Van Nuys. Believed to be on delivery to a customer in Saudi Arabia. This super pic was taken by Westleigh Bushell. My efforts can be seen on my Flickr account.
Update: N500SA returned to Van Nuys on the 18th so the Middle East connection still to be confirmed.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New Biggin Hill resident

G400 M-TELE (1502) arrived at Biggin Hill on delivery to it's new owner this morning. Registered to Arena Aviation, this is the former N710EG/N710EC which I must confess I haven't seen yet. Many thanks for the pic to Andy Patsalides (via Dave Apps)

Round-up 15/8

G650 N312ZW (6256) delivered Savannah-Prague on the 9th. Continued on to Changsha in China the following day. G280 greenie N226GA (2126) arrived at Stansted on the 10th from Tel Aviv. Continued on to Halifax the following day en route to Dallas. Yesterday (14th) was the 59th anniversary of the first flight of the Gulfstream 1 in 1958. The plane that started it all.

The Gulfstream photo site passed a milestone recently with more than 4000 pictures now on show.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

7th member of elite club

Following on from my post in April about P&G becoming the 5th company to operate all 6 generations of Gulfstreams, they were followed by Lockheed Martin (6th) and now Chevron (7th) upon delivery of G650 N1901G (6257). It's registration and paint scheme pay homage to one of Chevron's predecessor companies. Gulf Oil (acquired by Chevron in 1984) was founded in 1901 and its corporate colours were dark blue and orange. Another of Chevron's predecessors was Texaco who took delivery of G1 N1623 (010) in 1959. Thanks to FK Larkin for his assistance in preparing this post.
N1901G departing Long Beach by Michael Carter

N1621 (031) of Texaco arriving at Miami in 1977

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Modified G4

G4 N338MM (1076) arrived at Luton today as "Noble Zero One". Registered to Tenax Aerospace , it now sports some modifications that we probably shouldn't know too much about. Arrived from Trapani in Sicily so may have a US Navy connection. Many thanks to Dave Lythgoe for the shot and for braving the weather.

Round-up 8/8

G650 N651GA (6251) was cancelled to China on the 3rd and should have taken up B-3278. G650 N1901G (6257) was delivered Long Beach-Portland-Salt Lake City-Oakland on the 4th where it will be based with Chevron. G550 N553GD (5553) which was cancelled to Taiwan per the FAA last month may not have. It is believed to have gone to Mainland China as B-3239 (see link)
G650 N312ZW (6256) took up it's registration recently and did a flight Savannah-Augusta-Savannah on the 7th. Possibly another one to be China based. Also of note was the arrival of G650 B-56789 (6152) in Amsterdam which was caught by Ian Saunders (below). Finally, a 15th G500 was added to the register.
B-56789 at EHAM on the 6th

Friday, 4 August 2017

Long Beach first visit

Thanks as always to Michael Carter for sending this shot of G500 N503G (72003) arriving at Long Beach yesterday for the employees there to see it for the first time. Also nice that this one hasn't featured on the blog before now.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Catbird Gulfstreams

"Catbird" is the callsign of the personal transport of the Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe (CINCSOUTH) US Navy. Based at NAS Sogonella in Sicily with VR-1 squadron. The first use of this goes back 60 years when the aircraft used was an R4D. It then transferred to a C-131 (141020 was a regular in Northolt in the 70s) and then to P-3 Orion. In 2004, delivery was taken of an ex Air Force machine 30500 (382) with the registration carried being abbreviated to 500. This was retired in 2014 and replaced by C-20G 165151 (1199) which is current. The badge carried was designed by an artist from Walt Disney so a copyright to this effect has to be included.
165151 at Southampton last week by Antony Pratt

830500 departing Luton in May 2012

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Stunning Chinese G650 identified

Michael Carter has just sent me this picture of G650 N606GA (6266) at Long Beach yesterday in this stunning Heilan scheme. This was reported in this blog in May but the identity was unknown then. Another shot just added to the Zenfolio photo site.

Round-up 1/8

G650 N685GD (6285) ferried Savannah-Long Beach on the 26th as GLF94. G550 N554GD (5554) cancelled to Poland on the 27th and arrived at Bydgoszcz on the 29th carrying serial 0002 (see pic below). G280 N125GA (2125) ferried Tel Aviv-Belfast Aldergrove on the 30th. Continued on to Halifax (CYHZ) the following day heading for Dallas. A 14th G500 "greenie" has just been added to the US register.
via Ministry of National Defence Facebook page

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Another upgrade

Have been sent a shot of G650 N662GA (6262) landing at Long Beach yesterday by Michael Carter. This has been seen here previously carrying N313RG. This registration is current on G5 (504) but has N315RG reserved. The old N315RG on G550 (5262) has already gone to N312RG. Confused?

G5 N313RG seen at Luton in August 2010