Tuesday 16 November 2021

Disney's Devotion

The Walt Disney Company of Burbank, California has become the second corporation or organization to have operated a member of each of the first seven Gulfstream generations.

The company received its first example when Grumman G-159 Gulfstream serial number 121 was delivered as N732G in May 1964. Yesterday, the sixtieth Gulfstream G600 was delivered to the company's Burbank base from Savannah, Georgia via Melbourne, Florida. 

During the past 57 years, Disney has operated 12 members of the Gulfstream family including:

1st gen  G-159 121 (N732G/N234MM);

2nd gen G-1159s 81 (N281GA/N283MM) and 174 (N900ES);

3rd gen G-1159As 322 (N600ES) and 460 (N500MM);

4th gen G-IV 1135 (N500MM/N100ES) and GIV-X 4209 (N300ES);

5th gen GV-SP 5322 (N900ES);

6th gen GVIs 6014 (N100ES), 6228 (N200ES) and 6397 (N500ES);                 and

7th gen GVII-G600 73060 (N700ES).

Note: ES = Earth Star, Inc., the company that owns the aircraft                          operated by Disney Aviation Group, and                                        MM = Mickey Mouse, Walter Disney's most famous cartoon                        character. 

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