Sunday, 16 November 2014

New G450 for Pakistan?

An interesting movement at Luton yesterday. "Pakistan 4270" arrived from Islamabad on the way to Washington-Andrews AFB. It is the former VP-CHH and the serial displayed on the tail is the con number. Interestingly, it was using the hex code of G450 J-756. Thanks to James Ronayne for his picture.


Gerry said...

Hi Bob,

PAK4270 used the US hexcode A610AF which is assigned to reg N490GA. This reg was last carried by Gulfstream 150 c/n 290 in June 2011 before it was exported to Mexico.


Bob Holland said...

More importantly, N490GA was previously allocated to G450 4090 which was cancelled to Pakistan in November 2007. This became J-756 and was allocated hexcode 762BF4. There are many cases of aircraft using old hexcodes.