Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saudi Medevac re-equips

The Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services recently took delivery of a 3rd new Gulfstream 450. They now operate HZ-MS4A (4313), HZ-MS4B (4324) and HZ-MS4C (4328). HZ-MS4B was caught yesterday by Westleigh Bushell at Stansted.

This organisation has had a long history with Gulfstream having received a G2 in 1980 HZ-MSD (256) followed by another in 1984 HZ-MS4 (103) along with G3 HZ-MS3 (385). These were followed by G4 HZ-MS4 (1365) and G5s HZ-MS5A (644) and HZ-MS5B (583).
It is expected that the G5s will be retired now that newer machines are in service.

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