Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Time to upgrade your G650

The old N515PL (6015) has now been registered N516PL to make way for the new N515PL (6219). Both were seen recently at Long Beach and were caught by Michael Carter.


Anonymous said...

This aircraft is owned by Paul Laurie, hence the PL reg. He is the husband of one of the Walmart owner's daughters. They traded their G500 for 6015, and only kept that jet for 18months. I guess 6015 was not new enough, so they are getting this newer model. Nice paint job.

Anonymous said...

Close, but not quite right. Google Laurie St louis Blues, and the pieces will fall together. The 500 is 5144, itself an awesome looking aircraft, now PR-NOC. They bought 6015 used, prusmably around the same time 6219 was ordered.