Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Round-up 20/6

G650 N1875A (6248) was delivered from Savannah to Morristown (MMU) via Windsor Locks (BDL) on the 15th. G650 N626GA (6226) flew from Savannah to Los Angeles on the 16th. It then did a 2 hour flight returning to LAX before heading back to SAV. This has N500SA reserved so may be close to final delivery. G550 N547GA (5547) left Appleton for Bermuda on the 18th. See pic below. Was then cancelled to Poland on the 19th. G280 N33M (2122) ferried to the States via Stansted on the 18th/19th. Unusual for a greenie to carry the final registration.

As an aside, it may have been noticed that my Flickr account hasn't been updated in a while. I've now had to set up a new account and can be found under Gulfstream-chaser. Once I get some Gulfy pics on there, I'll put a link under my Welcome message.
picture via the Facebook page of the Polish Air Force

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