Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Round-up 25/7

Another fairly quiet week. The 3 G5s operated by the Government of Kuwait have been cancelled to the US as follows. 9K-AJD (560) became N55BM, AJE (569) to N27KB and AJF (573) to N62FF. These were originally delivered between November 1999 and February 2000. These have now been replaced by 4 G650s. The address shown on the register for these is for STA Jets at Orange County airport (KSNA). Will be interesting to see if there is any more life left in these. G450 N450ME (4361) flew Savannah-Bradley-Savannah yesterday so another delivery closer to the end of the line. The 2nd G550 for the Polish Air Force is expected in Warsaw at the weekend.
9K-AJF arriving at Geneva in 2011

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Bob Holland said...

N450ME has just arrived at Opa Locka although still using a Gulfstream callsign (GLF88)