Wednesday, 9 August 2017

7th member of elite club

Following on from my post in April about P&G becoming the 5th company to operate all 6 generations of Gulfstreams, they were followed by Lockheed Martin (6th) and now Chevron (7th) upon delivery of G650 N1901G (6257). It's registration and paint scheme pay homage to one of Chevron's predecessor companies. Gulf Oil (acquired by Chevron in 1984) was founded in 1901 and its corporate colours were dark blue and orange. Another of Chevron's predecessors was Texaco who took delivery of G1 N1623 (010) in 1959. Thanks to FK Larkin for his assistance in preparing this post.
N1901G departing Long Beach by Michael Carter

N1621 (031) of Texaco arriving at Miami in 1977

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