Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Round-up 19/9

G650 N606GA (6266) was cancelled to China taking up B-3276 and G650 6272 was upgraded to an ER on the US register. G280 N229GA (2129) ferried from Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 17th. Good to see these appearing on a regular basis now.
It's now 32 years today since the first G4 flew although sad to hear that the first one (N552WF) is being parted out. Am therefore including a pic of the 2nd one built although not sure what the status of this one is.
N181CR (1001) at Las Vegas in 2013

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Bob Holland said...

Have received a report that N181CR has been parted out after corrosion was found. It hasn't flown since 2016. That's the first 2 gone now.