Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Round-up 5/9

Just the 1 upgrade to G650ER this period being 6265. 2 new G650s flew Savannah to Grand Cayman on the 30th. These being N302TR (6259) and N188W (6263) presumably for delivery paperwork. On the 31st, N302TR flew from Cayman to Savannah via Fort Lauderdale Exec before continuing on to Tokyo Narita as Rockstar 32. Believe this will be based in Japan now. On the 1st, N188W flew from Cayman to Dallas Love Field  Has since moved on from there and possibly based in Arizona. G650 N662GA (N313RG) is due to fly Long Beach to Savannah shortly so this may be delivered soon. The 2 Polish AF G550s continue to do training flights and the 2nd one appeared at Luton on the 30th.

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