Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Round-up 28/11

A 2 week post this time as have been shooting Gulfstreams in Florida. Pics should all be uploaded over the next few days. G280 N233GA (2133) was ferried from Tel Aviv to Belfast on the 14th and N347NA (2134) via Stansted on the 27th. 2 G650s upgraded to ER on the register. These being 6276 and 6281. The short lived demonstrator N650GD (6252) was cancelled to Canada on the 22nd and took up C-FYRC. The last outstanding G450 (4364) now has N917VZ reserved so will be for Verizon. The 2nd G650 for Flexjet would appear to be N136ZC (6274). See picture On a personal note, saw my 1st G500 at PBI on the 19th.
Think I may have been spotted hard at work Pic by Wes

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