Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Round-up 19/12

G650 N279GA (6279) delivered Savannah to Ronaldsway IoM on the 12th and took up M-AAAL on the 14th. G650 OE-LEO (6278) delivered Savannah to Linz on the 13th. N811TM (6281) delivered to Boise on the 17th. New ERs on the US register are 6284 and 6287. G650 N2N is now being upgraded to con 6298 with the old one (6053) being registered N650MS. Have been quoted T7-ARC for 6054 cancelled last week. On the 16th, Deer Jet flew a G650 (N988DJ) to Antarctica for the first time. See ainonline.com
Seasons Greetings to all my readers.
pic via AIN

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