Monday, 5 February 2018

Round-up 5/2

G650 N613GD (6313) ferried Savannah to Long Beach on the 30th. New 650ER upgrade is 6295. G550 N501GM (5561) delivered Appleton to Miami on the 31st. Guessing this is replacing G350 N502GM (4011) so should be a regular in these parts. A couple of G650 deliveries. N778AR (6289) flew from Savannah to St. Louis via Bradley on the 31st. VP-BOT (6284) flew overnight 2nd/3rd from Savannah to Rotterdam. The latter was caught by Ian Saunders. A recent article on an Algerian website talks about the late delivery of 3 G550s to the Algerian Army resulting in the need to obtain 6 MC27J Spartans from Italy to cover this. Seems that Raytheon doesn't have the experience to do the job. These would appear to be the 3 aircraft at Oklahoma City namely 5543, 5546 and 5550.

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