Friday, 9 March 2018

Gee Twos - Still flying!

N190RP (136) at California City last month. Pic by Neil Harris
With lots of pictures of old G2s in various stages of dismantling appearing recently taken at places like California City and Mojave, thought it was time I balanced the scales with a report of some still airworthy examples. My recent trip across the Pond found a pair of these lovely old machines still earning their keep.

N36PN (042) at Boca Raton and XA-CVS (167) at Toluca
N748MN (215) was also seen at Toluca, didn't see it fly but believed to be still airworthy. If anyone sees others flying, please let me know and I'll report it here.


Jack Dennis said...

N511PK is still flyin

Bob Holland said...

Thanks for this. Appears to be Houston based and has just arrived at Cancun in Mexico.