Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Round-up 20/3

Another G650 delivery. N296GA (6296) flew from Long Beach to Bermuda on the 14th and was cancelled to that country's register the same day. Became VP-BXB and delivered via Toulouse to Seletar in Singapore. G650 upgrades to ER were 6021 and 6303. G280 ferry flight was N142GA (2142) from Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 14th. G650 N622GA (6322) flew Savannah to Long Beach as GLF46 on the 19th.
With regard to 6021 just showing as an ER. This is N305CC and may well have been converted some time ago and the register is just catching up. An even earlier one (N288WR 6007) only shows as a straight 650 but has been on the market for quite a while now as an ER.
VP-BXB at Toulouse on the 18th by John Spencer

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