Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Round-up 3/4

A flurry of deliveries at the end of the quarter. As previously reported, G650 N476V (6300) departed Long Beach on the 27th heading to Bradley, Dulles and Boeing Field before arriving at it's new home of Oakland. G650 N66ZG (6303) departed Appleton on the 27th heading to Auckland via Phoenix. G650 N99KZ (6283) departed Savannah on the 28th heading for Taiwan via Anchorage and Tokyo. G650 N299GA (6299) was cancelled to China on the 27th. B-3325 left Savannah on the 28th for Tianjin via Anchorage. Believe these are one and the same. G550 N575GA (5575) looks to have made a first flight on the 28th from Savannah. G550 N564GA (5564) was cancelled to China on the 30th. B-3275 flew from Appleton to Hawaii on the 31st. To finish, G280 N944GA (2144) ferried Tel Aviv to Belfast on the 2nd. This has N978M reserved.
N99KZ arriving at Songshan by 蕭暐承

N66ZG at Queenstown NZ on the 31st by Mike Condon

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