Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Round-up 24/7

G650 N617GA (6317) ferried Long Beach to Savannah on the 17th as GLF88. G550 N580GA (5580) appears to have made it's first flight on the 18th. G550 B-5999 (5560) flew Appleton to Frankfurt on the 19th but the following day flew Frankfurt to Savannah. G280 N250GA (2150) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 20th. G600 N600G left Farnborough on the 21st stopping at Dublin before continuing on to Minneapolis. G650 VP-CPU (6317) delivered Savannah to Aarhus on the 23rd as TBJ93. Should continue on to Hong Kong. The original VP-CPU (G550 5526) has recently taken up N526GA. Another 30 G500s have just been added to the register which must be a good sign. Now up to 72058.
G550 B-5999 arriving at Frankfurt by Manuel Roell

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