Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Round-up 31/7

G650 N900NC (6315) was delivered from Savannah to Melbourne FL on the 24th. It continued on to it's new home of Stewart NY the following day. G650 N635GD (6335) ferried Savannah to Appleton on the 24th as GLF22. G650 VP-CPU delivery flight was a bit "around the houses" as flew from Aarhus to Copenhagen on the 24th. Next was Sarajevo on the 26th. Arrived at Hangzhou in China on the 28th. G550 B-5999 (5560) left Savannah on the 25th (after the proper handover?) heading in the opposite direction this time stopping at Las Vegas. To Anchorage on the 28th and finally to Tianjin the following day. G280 N253GA (2153) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 25th. G450 M-ODEL (4103) was delivered to Bournemouth on the 26th to join the INEOS fleet.
New upgrades to G650ER this period were 6290, 6318, 6320 and 6334. 6318 has cancelled to the Caymans now. Hopefully more details soon. 6290 ferried Long Beach to Savannah on the 30th so hopefully something happening here. Still in Deer Jet colours.
Yet another G650 on a first visit to Luton recently
Update: VP-CGP flew Savannah to Anchorage on the 28th and Anchorage to Hong Kong on the 29th. Confirmed by Flightaware. This will be 6318.

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Unknown said...

On recent trip to Oskhosh popped into Appleton on 24/7:

N635GD G650 had just arrived & was in full Zambian Air Force colours!

N569GA & N571GA G550s were still in delivery centre