Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Round-up 3/7

A little bit of "catch up" first. G450 VP-BTB (4103) became M-ODEL on the 21st. Registered to Hampshire Aviation (INEOS) so will be joining the fleet at Bournemouth. This may be a stop-gap measure as understand they're keen on the new G500. G650 N631GA (6331) ferried Savannah to Appleton on the 27th as GLF45. G650 N898S (link to pic) (6316) delivered initially from Long Beach to Boise on the 27th. It has since continued on to Bangkok. G650 6315 has upgraded to ER. G550 5566 cancelled to China and is believed to have taken up B-3358. G550 N333DS (the former M-MOMO) departed Luton on the 30th for it's new customer in the States. No sign of a replacement for a customer who has also operated a G2, G3 and G4 through the years.
N333DS (5292) caught by John Lythgoe

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