Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Round-up 7/8

G550 B-3327 (5570) was delivered from Brunswick to Anchorage on the 31st and then on to Tianjin the following day. G650 N620GD (6320) ferried from Long Beach to Savannah on the 1st. Another of the G650s originally destined for Deer Jet being cancelled to Guernsey (new reg?). The 2nd found N636GA (6336) from Savannah to Appleton as GLF65 and N643GA (6343) from Savannah to Long Beach as GLF88. Also notable this day was a G2 in UK Airspace. N36PN (042) flew from Naples to Keflavik and then on to Pontiac. A bit of catch up now. A pic has appeared of G650 6309 carrying B-3326. Flightaware shows this was delivered from Savannah to Anchorage on the 8th July and then to Tianjin the following day. A new G650ER is 6332.
Seen recently at Long Bach through the heat haze was G650 M-ARDI. Presumably will replace the G550 (5153) currently with that reg. No con number known at this time. Pic by Michael Carter.
Update: Seen again as N637GA so is con 6337.

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