Saturday, 18 March 2017

Disney Gulfstreams

With the recent delivery of a 2nd G650 to Earth Star, the flight department of the Walt Disney Company, thought it was time for a run down of their fleet.  It began when G-159 (121) was delivered in early 1964. It flew as N234MM and used the radio call sign "234 Mickey Mouse". Disney has also operated two G-1159s: N283MM (81) and N900ES (174); a pair of G-1159As: N600ES (322) and N500MM (460); as well as G-IV/GIV-Xs: N500MM (1135) and N300ES (4209). 53 years later, the Disney fleet includes GV-SP N900ES (5322) and a pair of GVIs. The two G650ERs are N100ES (6014) and the recently delivered N200ES (6228).
N234MM was caught by Caz Caswell at Toronto in 1991. This is currently preserved at Disney World in Orlando. N200ES was caught by Michael Carter at Long Beach arriving from it's base of Burbank. The above fleet details via FK Larkin.

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