Monday, 20 March 2017

New US Coast Guard G5?

Have received a report that there may be a new United States Coast Guard Gulfstream in service. Have seen nothing visual but flight trackers show that a GLF5 with a callsign of C202 and a hex code of AE5F07 has been visiting Washington (DCA) recently. I am aware of 2 in service. These are 01 (con 653) which has a hex code of AE10C1 and uses the callsign C101 and 02 (con 638) which has a hex code of AE4E05 and uses the callsign C102. It's possible that the codes have been changed so any visual confirmation of a new one would be appreciated.
01 visiting Zurich in 2007
Update: I have now seen a picture on Facebook of G550 N640W (5416) in full Coast Guard scheme and another of it carrying 02 on the tail. I am advised that G5 02 was leased so presumably will be returned upon the delivery of the new 02.


Anonymous said...

There is a new G550 that the Coast Guard is using. Look at Aerosmith Aviation on Facebook, they have some pictures of it.

Ray Hunting said...

That would be Oprah's old jet then!