Monday, 27 March 2017

Tips for buying a G650

Although many of us will never even fly on a G650, let alone buy one, there are an elite few who are able to do this. It's hard to believe that it's easy to get it wrong. Even the richest of people don't want to lose millions when they get round to selling it for whatever reason.
It's harder to sell one with a rear galley as most owners don't want the crew going for coffee when they're trying to sleep. Have heard stories of a pink and fluffy interior on one which might be great for you but will a prospective buyer want it? Probably not. A 4 zone cabin configuration is great if you're not going far on your flights but if someone wants to take advantage of a 14 hour range, the extra pilot you need will be having dinner with you instead of hiding in the crew compartment at the front.
There is a G650 that's been on the market for nearly 2 years now and there's a fair old 2nd hand market out there so don't expect a quick sale especially if you ignore the above.

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