Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Round-up 27/6

The 21st was a busy day with G650 N666FH (6249) being delivered from Savannah to Aarhus in Denmark. It then continued to Beijing on the 23rd. G650 N650AJ was delivered from Savannah to Long Island (ISP). G600 N740GD (73004) made it's 1st flight to become the 4th of this model to fly. See pic below. The Polish AF G550 0001 (5547) arrived at Warsaw on delivery to be met by a water cannon salute. Lots of pics and videos on the net but this was my favourite. Youtube Video G650 M-VITB (6250) arrived at Bournemouth-Hurn on delivery on the 24th to replace M-VITA. Finally, it looks like G650 N766GA (6166) which was delivered in March 2016 and put up for sale has gone in to service as this appears to be operating EJM949 from Oakland to Luton as I type.
picture via GAC

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Thanks Bob - I like these round-ups.