Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Round-up 4/7

A fairly quiet week considering it was the end of the quarter. Unusually, there were 2 G650 greenies ferried from Savannah to Long Beach for completion. N282GA (6282) flew as GLF94 on the 28th and N281GA (6281) flew as GLF22 on the 30th. G650 N426GA (6233) was delivered to Fort Lauderdale on the 3rd following a period of storage after the original customer cancelled the order. This is due in Biggin Hill tonight. The latest G280 ferry flight from Tel Aviv to Dallas arrived at Stansted on the 3rd. This being N923GA (2123) which is due out again today. Plenty on the net about an order by Australia for up to 5 G550AEWs. The reports use the word "possible" so not sure if this is a firm order. See defpost.com Nearer home, the last of 4 Kuwaiti G650s to visit Luton arrived on the 3rd.
N282GA (6282) arriving at Long Beach by Michael Carter

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