Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Round-up 29/8

The San Marino G450 reported last week took up T7-BRG. It was actually re-registered at Geneva. 3 G650s were upgraded to ERs on the FAA register this last week. They were 6264, 6270 and 6272. Black G650 N639GA (6239) did a test flight from Long Beach on the 22nd so good to see something might be happening here. G650 N2PG (6272) was delivered Appleton-Bermuda-Lunken on the 25th. G650 N290GA (6290) was ferried Savannah-Long Beach on the 26th as GLF42 (see below) for completion. G650 G-LLWW (6253) has appeared on the US register as N999HX for a Hong Kong customer but updating of databases seems premature as it arrived at Luton last night from Basel still carrying the G- reg. This incidentally is the 180th different G650 frame to visit Luton.
N290GA was caught by Michael Carter

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