Sunday, 27 August 2017

Tell-tale tail numbers

Ever wondered why certain registrations are used by top-end executive jet users? Some are obvious. N1KE is an advertising man's dream although you'll need to look at your phone keypad to see why they also use N6453. Another obvious one is N155AN (Nissan) but you'll have to be in to classic cars to know why they also use N260Z.
AT&T used to use 212 in their registrations, this being the area code for New York. Verizon do the same now. Going back in time, Paul Mellon had a G1 and then a G2 that used N1929Y. He graduated from Yale in 1929. Oprah Winfrey uses N540W, 1954 being the year she was born.
The tail number therefore quite often gives a clue to the operator even though many of them try and hide it on the register. Thanks to FK Larkin for his assistance with this post.
at Zurich in 2009

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