Sunday, 12 November 2017

McDonald's returns to Gulfstream

G550 N1967M (5558) was recently delivered from Savannah to Chicago-Du Page. This will be operated by the McDonald's Corporation who have operated Bombardier aircraft for several years now but they did start with Gulfstreams. G2 N1159K (101) was delivered in August 1971. The K referring to Ray Kroc, the original founder. It was followed by G4s N1955M (1276) and N1967M (1368). A Challenger 300 and a Challenger 605 operated alongside 3 different Globals of which the latest N1955M is still in service. The use of registrations N1955M and N1967M is significant as McDonald's became a Corporation in 1955 and they opened their first overseas branch in 1967 (Vancouver, Canada). Thanks to FK Larkin again for his input.
G2 N1159K - by Erik Johannesson

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