Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Round-up 8/11

A day late this week for reasons which I hope are obvious. A few bits to report. G550 N564GA (5564) ferried to Appleton for completion on the 31st as GLF42. On the same day G650 N662GA (N313RG res) returned to Long Beach as GLF54. Delivery soon? G280 N932GA (2132) ferried through Stansted on 1st/2nd. G650s 6271 and 6275 have been upgraded on the register to ERs and a 19th G500 has been added. Finally, G650 N650AJ left Palm Beach recently after storage and arrived at St. Louis (KALN) presumably for a new customer.

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Mark Spriggs said...

Nice one Bob

I passed through Luton early am yesterday and saw G ULFM departing. If I had known that you and Wes were on board I'd have given you a wave!