Sunday, 29 April 2018

Denis O'Brien receives his 7th Gulfstream

G650 M-YGIG (6305) arrived on delivery at Ronaldsway on Friday 27th from Savannah. It was caught by Phil Pain Yet another different scheme with a green cheatline but still retains the silver engine covers. Positioned to Dublin the following day.
The first Gulfstream for the Irish billionaire was G4 EI-CVT (1419) which was delivered in April 2001. It was later transferred to the Bermuda register as VP-BVT in February 2003. He then upgraded to G550 VP-BLR (5059) in May 2005 followed by VP-BJK (5200) in October 2008. We then move over to the Isle of Man register with G550 M-YBJK (5316) in June 2011. An early customer for the G650 with M-GSIX (6032) in July 2013 followed by M-YSIX (6156) in November 2015. The picture below was taken by Gavin Hunter at Dublin in April 2004.

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