Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Round-up 1/5

G650 N628GA (6328) ferried Savannah to Long Beach on the 24th as GLF62. G650 M-YGIG delivered on the 27th as previously reported. G280 N945GA (2145) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 29th followed by N246GA (2146) on the 30th. The former attempted this a week earlier but had to turn back which explains 2 in 2 days. The 30th was the 15th anniversary of the first flight of the G450 in 2003. A report from Long Beach (thanks to Michael Carter) has the following G650 sightings. N667HS - this is currently on a G450 which has spent the last 8 months being worked on at Luton. I see this has N667H reserved. T7-IIA in the same colours as OE-IIH which I suspect it will be replacing. VP-CPU was also seen earlier in the month. That reg is currently on a G550 which looks to be China based. 3 more G500s have been added to the register. Now totals 28.
via GAC
Q1 results announced. 26 jets delivered in the first quarter. 19 large and 7 G280s. This is 4 fewer than the same time last year but the ending of the G450 and the delay in the G500 would account for this. Gulfstream has "well over" 50 orders for the G500 and nearly 50 for the G600. A far cry from the 200 orders for the G650 at this stage but still not bad for a large private jet. First deliveries of the G500 are now "scheduled" for the 3rd quarter, hopefully July. The G600 still for 2019. See link.

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