Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Round-up 8/5

G650s 6308 and 6309 were upgraded on the register to an ER. N686GD (6286) was cancelled to Guernsey on the 1st of the month to become the first on that register. This is 1 of the 3 that were originally painted in Deer Jet colours. Am hearing this has become 2-EPIC but awaiting visual confirmation. G650 N330GA (6330) ferried Savannah to Long Beach on the 3rd. G650 N319GA (6319) ferried Savannah to Appleton on the 7th as GLF41 for completion. N309GA (6309) went the opposite way later the same day as GLF44. G650 N1BN (6205) cancelled to China on the 7th. The 5th of the month was the 50th anniversary of the first executive jet to fly across the Atlantic (in both directions). G2 N100P (005) of National Distillers landed at Gatwick on 5th May 1968 from Teterboro 6 hours and 55 minutes later. It returned home a week later taking 7 hours and 10 minutes.
N100P at Heathrow on 11.06.77 Shot by my good friend Paul Seymour

As an aside, this machine soldiered on for many years and has only recently been withdrawn. I last saw it at Palm Beach in Feb 2012.

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