Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Round-up 15/5

G650 N1BN (6205) was cancelled to China on the 7th. No B- registration known yet. G650 N305KN (6142) now shows as an ER. 6313 has also been upgraded to an ER. G550 N577GA (5577) looks to have done a first flight from Savannah on the 8th. A 6th G600 has been registered. N600GU (73006) sounds like it could be a replacement for G650 N650GU. A recent video has been uploaded showing G1 9S-GTH (086) arriving at Rand. The 9S prefix replaced 9Q last August. G450 N667HS (4131) has finally come out of the hangar at Luton (after 9 months) but now carries N667H. Following some engine runs, it did an air test on the 12th and ferried down to Biggin Hill on the 13th presumably for painting as has 2 large green patches, one either side. A G650 in the same scheme has just been seen at Long Beach. See pic. G650 6308 has just cancelled to the Caymans. No other details.

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