Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Round-up 19/6

G450 OE-IIE has been seen recently at Geneva as T7-IIE. A couple of deliveries; G650 N518KA (6307) was delivered Long Beach-Boise-Fort Worth on the 12th. G650 N2N (6298) was delivered Long Beach-Portland and then on to Seattle on the 13th. G280 N240GA was cancelled to C-GFZG on the 15th. G550 N562GA (5562) cancelled to OE-LCZ on the 15th so presumably will deliver shortly if not already. More new G650s added to the register. Now up to 6365.
Long time Gulfstream operator Ropa now has a new scheme, seen yesterday (18th) at Luton on N836MF (6312).

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