Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Round-up 12/6

Latest upgrade to G650ER was 6099 and 6316. G650 M-VITB did a 1 hour air test from and to Bournemouth on the 6th. Presumably part of continued storage. G650 N634GA (6334) ferried Savannah to Long Beach on the 6th as GLF64. This is due to be a future demonstrator with N650GD reserved. G650 N310GA (6310) returned from Appleton to Savannah on the 7th as GLF22. This should be taking up N2E shortly. Returned to Appleton on the 10th as GLF41. G280 N249GA (2149) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 11th. Ropa's new G650 N836MF (6312) is in service and has visited Europe already. Now a year (48 posts) since I started these round-ups. Where's the time gone?
VP-CLH (6308) visited Auckland on the 10th and was caught by Mike Condon

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