Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Round-up 5/6

Two weeks since the last round-up due to visiting EBACE. Plenty of new Gulfstream pics on my Flickr link. Another G200 runway excursion. See link. G650 N871FR (6304) delivered Savannah-Appleton-Anchorage on the 24th as RKS1 (Rockstar One). Continued to Tokyo the following day. New updates to G650ER were 6255, 6306 and 6307. G650 N688CF flew Portland to Savannah on the 29th after 3 months of storage. Looks like a new owner has been found. G550 N578GA (5578) looks to have flown for the first time on the 30th as GLF48. G280 N287SA (2148) was ferried Tel Aviv to Belfast on the 2nd. Gulfstream have announced that they will be moving their Luton facility to Farnborough in 2020.
Your blogger in the G600 at EBACE (pic by Dave Lythgoe)

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